Helping students
discover their future

Students from grade 7 through post-secondary uncover the right paths for further education and ideal types of work

Three Easy Steps for

Schools, Parent Councils
and Sports Teams

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Students and Atheletes recieve access to their assessment

Students, teachers, parents and coaches supercharge their development

with Clarity

Easily understand how students are motivated, their behaviour when under normal circumstances and when stressed and how they communicate. You and your students or team will receive acomprehensive report with a plain language report on motivators, behaviours and communication styles.

with Useful Tools

People are at their best when they
feel they are truly seen, heard and
appreciated. You and your students
or team will feel valued for who
they are because each assessment
accurately articulates not only their
unique skills and talents but also how
they can use them to be at their best.

You and Your Student
See a Path for the Future

You’ll get clear insight into several career paths ranging
from academic and technical, health science and trades
and more for your student. You’ll also have a resource they
can learn from and share with others about their unique
strengths and how they can best put them to use for their

Students Confidence

Having answers to questions about your future helps build confidence in both the student and the parent or coach.Conversations turn from frustrating topics like “what are you going to do after high school?” to “What do you think about this gap year program that’s about getting
experience in this area you like and are suited to,” or “These three schools are considered tops in the area you’re interested in.

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How to help your sports team be better communicators

How to help your sports team be better communicators

How to help your sports team be better communicators